The Promotion

“The Promotion” is a story about a senior associate on the verge of partnership at her law firm after many years of sacrifice and hard work. Believing her time has finally come, her world is rocked and she’s thrown for a loop when an overheard conversation makes her question her future and leads her on a journey of self discovery and humility. ”The Promotion”, produced by Peachtree and 5th was screened in the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Produced by Melissa Ewing & Edwin Navas, directed by Cooper Andrews & DP by Owen Smith. Cast includes: Jackie Costello, Charles Swint, Davin Allen Grindstaff, Paul McComiskey, Oscar Gutierrez, Trent Morris, Kristen Hale, Jim Wallace, Frank Warlick, John Cortney, George Kopecky & Sidney Baxley.

The Promotion (Clip 1) from Kristen Nicole Hale on Vimeo.

The Promotion Clip 2 from Kristen Nicole Hale on Vimeo.